The Case of the Welched Rewards unearths events decades in the making. Go behind the scenes of an international manhunt and an unusual lawsuit that rattled law enforcement in three countries. While many people were involved, the people below are mentioned in Reward.

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Last FirstRoleLocation
AbramovitzJoseSenior advisor to Peru’s Minister of the Interior who retained the author as counsel for PeruPeru
Almon ThomasJose Guevara’s criminal lawyer who submitted his claim for the rewardU.S.
Anderson DaniloVenezuelan prosecutor murdered, allegedly by Otoniel Guevara and other family membersVenezuelan
Boloña Behr CarlosPeru’s Minister of Economy and Finance, 1991-93, 2000Peru
Camet DickmanJorgePeru’s Minister of Economy and Finance, 1993-98Peru
CastroLuis AlvaPeru’s Minister of the Interior, 2007-08Peru
Chavez FriasHugoPresident of Venezuela, 1999-2013Venezuela
Cooke Marcia G.U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Florida who heard the GuevaracaseU.S.
Costa SantolallaGinoPeru’s Minister of the Interior, 2002-2003, chair of Special, Committee to investigate reward claims; Vice Minister of the Interior, 2001-2002Peru
Currier Kevin W.FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) stationed in Santiago, Chile for international coordinationU.S.
Fujimori AlbertoPresident of Peru from 1990 to November 22, 2000Peru
Garcia PerezAlanPresident of Peru from 1985-1990, 2006-2011Peru
Garcia GonzaloAlias for Venezuelan businessman who helped Montesinos in VenezuelaVenezuela
Guevara ChaconJoseMember of the Venezuelan spy service, DISIP (General Sectoral Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services) and plaintiff in his lawsuit against PeruVenezuela
Guevara OtonielCommandant in DISIP and cousin of plaintiff, Jose GuevaraVenezuela
Guzman AbimaelLeader of the Shining Path terrorist group captured by police squad headed by Antonio Ketin Vidal in 1992Peru
Hamilton JohnU.S. Ambassador to Peru, 1999-2002Peru
Laufer OrlandoInvestigator and former DEA agent in Venezuela who identified an alleged Montesinos hideoutVenezuela
Lizier CorbettaJoseOwner and captain of the Karisma, the sailboat on which Montesinos fled PeruPeru
Longa WaldoFBI Special Agent (SA) in MiamiU.S.
Mejia GuzmanEmma AuroraSelf-styled journalist and Montesinos companion from Isabela Island to CaracasPeru
Miquilena Hernandez LuisVenezuelan Minister of the Interior, 2001-2002Venezuela
Montesinos TorresVladimiro LeninFugitive from Peru, advisor to President Fujimori, and head of Peru’s National Intelligence Service (SIN), 1990-2000Peru
Omana ArturoAlias Jose Guevara used when approaching bank in MiamiU.S.
Nuñez PerezJose LuisJose Guevara’s driver, companion, and recipient of his telephone call from FBI custodyPeru
Paniagua CorazaoValentinInterim President of Peru, November 22, 2000-July 28, 2001Peru
Percovich BambarenLuisBank officer at Pacific Industrial Bank in Miami threatened by Jose GuevaraU.S.
Percovich MalleaCarlosUncle of the Pacific Industrial Bank officer who was mistakenly contacted by MontesinosPeru
Perez de CuellarJavierPrime Minister of Peru, 2000-2001, and UN Secretary General, 1982-1991Peru
Perez RangelCarmen YolandaAlias for Emma Mejia when entering VenezuelaVenezuela
PoleoPatriciaVenezuelan journalist working with Orlando Laufer in Venezuela and former director of El Nuevo Pais Venezuela
RangelJose VicenteVenezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1999-2001, and Minister of Defense, 2001-2002Venezuela
Rodríguez PerezManuel AntonioAlias for Montesinos when entering VenezuelaVenezuela
Rospigliosi CapurroFernandoPeru’s Minister of the Interior, 2001-2002, 2003-2004, chair of Special Committee to investigate reward claims, and defendant in Guevara’s lawsuitPeru
Toledo ManriqueAlejandroPresident of Peru, 2001-2006Peru
Ugaz Sanchez-MorenoJoseAd hoc prosecutor of Fujimori and Montesinos, 2000-2002, and partner in the law firm Benites, Vargas & Ugaz in PeruPeru
Vargas Valdivia LuisAd hoc prosecutor of Fujimori and Montesinos, 2002-2004, and partner in the law firm Benites, Vargas & Ugaz in PeruPeru
Vidal HerreraAntonio Ketin Peru’s Minister of the Interior 2000-2001, head of the police teams that captured terrorist Abimael Guzman in 1992 and Montesinos in 2001, and defendant in Guevara’s lawsuitPeru