Mark Cymrot is a Chambers Global ranked international arbitrator who has served in more than 45 international and commercial cases. He was Founder and Leader of the BakerHostetler LLP International Arbitration and Litigation Team, ranked by Chambers Global as Band 1, Highly Regarded and co-Leader of the International Asset Tracing and Recovery Team. He has been lead counsel in numerous high-stakes arbitrations and lawsuits.

He tried the famous silver market manipulation case that resulted in $197 million verdict, a top 10 jury verdict in the United States during that decade and the subject of his book Squeezing Silver: Peru’s Trial Against Nelson Bunker Hunt.

He defended the Republic of Peru in its first ISDS arbitration arising from a dispute over ownership of the largest gold mine in Latam. His defense of Peru in $40 billion in commercial debt lawsuits worldwide facilitated the reshaping of its economy into one of the fastest growing in the emerging markets.

Two commercial arbitrations for Latam and Asian claimants contributed to MasterCard’s decision to abandon the purchase of Discover card. The English High Court of Justice vacated for “serious irregularities” an ICDR arbitral award arising from a dispute between London private equity fund and U.S. placement agent.

He represented counterclaim-plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Brunei that resulted in another top 10 jury verdict for the decade. His unlikely defeat of a Venezuelan spy’s claim for the reward for the capture of Peru’s infamous head of security services, became the subject of his thriller, The Case of the Welched Reward: Spies, FBI and Pursuit of Peru’s Most Infamous Fugitive.

A court rejected service of process on a Bolivian state mining company under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in a case to enforce an ICC award.

Mark was Special Litigation Counsel in the Justice Department trying civil fraud cases around the United States. He is the author of more 30 publications and a frequent speaker on topics drawn from his experiences in international lawsuits and arbitrations.


“A captivating account of a spectacular legal drama.” 

– Kirkus Reviews

“In his latest book, The Case of the Welched Reward, attorney Mark Cymrot takes readers on a personal journey to the front lines of an international legal battle brimming with suspense and intrigue.  From the streets of Lima, Peru, to the courtrooms of Miami, the gifted attorney is locked between his quest for justice and the rules of the game, as he pushes through a thicket of obstacles, making his moment of victory quite memorable.  This is a true adventure story spiced with the plot twists, dodgy characters, and marvelous intricacy of a mystery novel.”

Ann Hagedorn, former Wall Street Journal staff writer and award-winning author of six narrative nonfiction books, including Sleeper Agent: The Atomic Spy in America Who Got Away.

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“A real life Perry Mason story. Loved reading this book.”

– Bernie Swain, founder, Washington Speakers Bureau

“Whenever I look back on my career, I realize how fortunate I was to work under the leadership of Mark Cymrot in the landmark silver lawsuit. In Squeezing Silver, Mark shows you why.”

Pedro R. Pierluisi, Governor of Puerto Rico

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Squeezing Silver was Mark Cymrot's first book.