The Fujimori-Montesinos Era in Peru

1991July 28Alberto Fujimori is sworn in as president of Peru
1992September 12Antonio Ketin Vidal leads a police squad in the arrest of the Shining Path leader, Abimael Guzman
2000September 14First vladivideos leaked to the media showing Montesinos bribing congressman to switch party affiliation
2000September 15Fujimori asks Montesinos to quit and dissolves the National Intelligence Service (SIN)
2000September 24Montesinos seeks political asylum in Panama
2000October 23Montesinos fleas Panama, returning to Peru and disappearing into hiding
2000October 29Montesinos escapes from Callao, Peru on the Karisma
2000November 2Swiss Government announces a freeze on accounts held by shell companies owned by Montesinos and his family
2000November 4Fujimori appoints Jose Ugaz as ad hoc prosecutor to investigate Montesinos
2000November 4-5Karisma with Montesinos on board arrives in Isabela Island and Emma Mejia joins the group
2000November 13President Fujimori flees Peru, flying through the United States to Japan where he is given asylum
2000Novembeer 18-19Montesinos and the Karisma arrive in Cocos Island
2000November 21Peruvian congress rejects Fujimori’s resignation and impeaches him as president
2000November 25Special Prosecutor Jose Ugaz opens a formal investigation into former President Fujimori’s crimes
2000November 25Ketin Vidal is appointed Minister of Interior in charge of locating Montesinos
2000December 7Montesinos and Mejia fly into Caracas on a private plane
2000December 14Mejia turns herself into the Peruvian embassy in Caracas, returns to Peru and discloses Montesinos location
2000December 15Vidal flies to Caracas and organizes an unsuccessful raid on clinic where Montesinos had plastic surgery
2000December 14-15Otoniel Guevara brings Montesinos to Jose Guevara’s home, and Guevara moves Montesinos to the home of Ismelda Perez, his driver’s sister.
2001April 16Ketin Vidal flies to Caracas to meet with Interior Minister Miquilena seeking cooperation
2001April 20Ketin Vidal flies to Valencia, Venezuela on a tip from Orlando Laufer and Patricio Poleo that Montesinos is at Hato Piñero.
2001April 21Venezuelan police raid Hato Piñero but fail to arrest Montesinos
2001April 22Peru issues Emergency Decree No. 049-2001, Establishing a Financial Reward for Accurate Information Leading to the Location and Capture of Vladimiro Montesinos
2001May 28Guevara moves Montesinos from Ismelda Perez’s home to his mother’s home
2001June 3Alejandro Toledo is elected president of Peru
2001June 21-22Jose Guevara is arrested in Miami and calls Jose Luis Nuñez from FBI custody
2001June 23President Hugo Chavez announces Montesinos captured in Venezuela and extradition to Peru
2001AugustKetin Vidal meets with Jose Guevara in FBI offices in Miami
2001September 6Minister Rospigliosi’s letter to FBI Supervisor Special Agent Kevin Currier asking for written report on Guevara’s reward claim
2001October 29SSA Currier’s letter to Minister Rospigliosi supporting Guevara’s reward claim
2002August 5Special Commission resolution accepting Guevara’s claim for consideration
2002September 2Minister Costa’s letter to SSA Kevin Currier asking for additional details regarding Guevara’s reward claim
2002October 30SSA Currier’s response to Minister Costa supporting Guevara’s reward claim
2005May 31Special Commission rejects the eight reward claims including Jose Guevara’s

Jose Guevara Lawsuit Chronology

2004December 27Guevara complaint against Republic of Peru and former Ministers Antonio Ketin Vidal and Fernando Rospigliosi
2005October 6Order by U.S. District Judge Marcia G. Cooke dismissing Guevara’s complaint against Peru and the two former ministers
2005November 7Notice of Appeal by Jose Guevara
2006August 18Peru’s lawyer fails to appear at oral argument before U.S. Court of Appeals
2006December 5Opinion by U.S. Court of Appeal reversing Judge Cooke’s order of dismissal and reinstating Guevara’s lawsuit
2007April 27Order granting Peru’s lawyers’ motion to withdraw as counsel
2007June 28BakerHostetler and author appear as the new counsel for Peru and the two former ministers
2007August 10Peru files a motion to transfer the case to a Peruvian court under the inconvenient forum doctrine (forum non conveniens
2007August 10Defendants Vidal and Rospigliosi file a motion to dismiss Guevara’s complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction
2008March 20Order by Judge Cooke setting trial date for June 23, 2008
2008March 28Order by Judge Cooke deferring ruling on Ministers Vidal and Rospigliosi’s motion to dismiss Guevara’s complaint
2008March 31Order by Judge Cooke denying Peru’s motion under the inconvenient forum doctrine
2008April 14Guevara files motion for partial summary judgment
2008May 22Deposition of Fernando Rospigliosi
2008May 23Deposition of Antonio Ketin Vidal
2008June 17Order by Judge Cooke resetting trial date for September 15, 2008
2008July 23Deposition of Jose Guevara
2008August 28Order by magistrate judge granting Guevara’s motion to compel trial testimony of FBI agents, Waldo Longa and Kevin Currier, and denying Peru’s motion to take their depositions
2008September 8Order by magistrate judge requiring former Minister Costa to appear on behalf of Peru for a deposition in Miami
2008September 9Order by Judge Cooke granting Guevara’s motion for summary judgment against Peru, awarding Guevara more than $8 million
2008September 11Deposition of Waldo Longa
2008September 19Luis Percovich, Miami banker, files a motion to intervene in Guevara’s lawsuit to claim Peru’s reward
2008September 22Order by magistrate judge to compel the deposition of Peru’s representative within five (5) days in Miami. Failure to appear would subject Peru and its counsel to sanctions
2008September 26Deposition of Gino Costa Santolalla
2008September 29Order by magistrate judge limiting questions by Peru of its representatives to questions related to Peru’s counterclaims
2008September 29Deposition of Luis Vargas Valdivia
2008October 20Order by magistrate judge denying Peru’s request to retake the deposition of Jose Guevara or bar him from testifying on questions he refused to answer and denying Peru’s motion to compel the FBI to produce documents and witnesses
2008October 21Order by Judge Cooke denying motions by former Ministers Vidal and Rospigliosi to dismiss the complaint for lack of jurisdiction and ordering them to file motions for summary judgment
2008October 23Deposition of Kevin W. Currier
2008November 7Order by Judge Cooke granting Guevara’s motion for summary judgment against Peru’s counterclaims
2008December 1Order by Judge Cooke denying Luis Percovich’s motion to intervene in the lawsuit
2008December 16Order by Judge Cooke dismissing complaint against former Ministers Vidal and Rospigliosi
2008December 17Final Judgment against Peru entered by Judge Cooke
2009January 9Notice of Appeal by Jose Guevara
2010January 13Oral Argument before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
2010June 28Opinion of the U.S. Court of Appeals reversing judgment entered against Peru, effectively ending Guevara’s lawsuit
2010July 27Order by Judge Cooke dismissing Guevara’s lawsuit
2010December 7Order by U.S. Supreme Court denying Guevara’s writ of certiorari challenging Court of Appeals decision